Simulator Overview

The Antenna Network Measurement Simulator is the newest addition to Diamond Engineering’s DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio. This optional module enables DAMS Antenna Measurement Studio to perform a whole host of new simulation capabilities. Designed to be fully customizable with editable icon-based schematics which utilize capture vectors (cascading two-port with wave addition). Also includes such features as circuit matching, radar cross-section, axis translation and rotation among others. Measurements can even be made directly from the schematic!

Simulator Features

  • Simple drag and drop icon elements
  • Analyze network path and phase
  • Create phased arrays or sector arrays
  • Create matching circuits for measured antennas
  • Measure AUTs from the schematic
  • Radar cross-section measurements
  • Includes an antenna emulation library containing ideal networks and other simulated ideal measurements

Example Simulation

The example below demonstrates a basic measurement simulation. First, an actual 2.4GHz dipole was measured including the match. The REF Ant and Path icons utilize the Import REF Ant and Generate Path Loss data results previously stored in the register (REG1). As we can see, the dipole was not matched well at 2.4GHz and the required match is automatically suggested by the marker. (The measurement icon is also capable of taking measurements directly from the schematic as well!)

After examining our initial simulated measurements, an inductor is added to the circuit which successfully improves match and gain, as shown below.

This is just one of many ways the Diamond Engineering Antenna Network & Measurement Simulator can be a valuable R&D solution that’s guaranteed to save time and money.