SUPER DUTY x250 series Antenna Measurement System

Featuring encoded stepper motors and USB / Serial / IP Control

Up to 250 pounds payload capacity!

System Includes:

  • 0 to 360 degree AZ
  • ± 90 degree EL
  • 400-pound Capacity Tripod
  • Encoded stepper motors
  • Two 20-Foot Precision measurement cables
  • (10-foot standard on 7250)
  • Antenna Measurement Studio Pro included
  • Complete package includes all accessories

Educational Discounts Available

Model Frequency Price
5250 DC-6 GHz Request Quote
6250 DC-18 GHz Request Quote
7250 DC-40 GHz Request Quote

Desktop Antenna Measurement System - DAMS x100 Series

For large antennas up to 250 lbs.

All DAMS x250 Series systems feature:

  • ± 90º Tilt
  • Ultra-heavy-duty aluminum construction
  • Ultra-heavy-duty tripod
  • Professionally CNC-machined parts
  • Precision calibrated RF cables
  • Silver/carbon rotary joints
  • Feature-packed software
  • Detailed full-color users manual
  • Full technical support
  • Parts and labor warranty

6250 7250

Frequency Range
DC to 6 GHz DC to 18 GHz DC to 40 GHz

Movement Range
Azimuth: 0º to 360º
Elevation: ± 90º
Azimuth: 0º to 360º
Elevation: ± 90º
Azimuth: 0º to 360º
Elevation: ± 90º

Azimuth: .01º
Elevation: .01º
Azimuth: .01º
Elevation: .01º
Azimuth: .01º
Elevation: .01º

Weight Capacity
250 lbs. (nominal)
or up to
300 lbs. (maximum)
250 lbs. (nominal)
or up to
300 lbs. (maximum)
250 lbs. (nominal)
or up to
300 lbs. (maximum)

Included Cables
Two 10' Low-loss
SMA Cables
Two 10'
SMA Cables
Two 10'
40 GHz Cables

Rotary Joint
6 GHz Rotary Joint 18 GHz Precision Rotary Joint 40 GHz Precision Rotary Joint

Included Software
DAMS Antenna Measurement
Studio Pro
DAMS Antenna Measurement
Studio Pro
DAMS Antenna Measurement
Studio Pro

Spherical Plotting Module
Included Included Included

Included Accessories
All Accessories All Accessories All Accessories

Full 3 year Warranty Full 3 year Warranty Full 3 year Warranty

Positioner Specifications

Frequency Ranges DC to 6 GHz (DAMS 5250)
DC to 18 GHz (DAMS 6250)
DC to 40 GHz (DAMS 7250)
Cable Interface Ultra-high quality cable with SMA/K* connectors
Ultra-precision, low-noise rotary joint with SMA/K* (female)
Platform Movement .01º azimuth resolution 
360 degree azimuth rotation 
Encoded position feedback 
Ultra-high torque stepper drive system 
± 90 degree elevation range @ 0.1 degree per step 
Heavy-duty steel gear drive-train 
Steel gear and worm, with ball and tapered roller bearings
Platform Control Interface USB/RS-232 serial/ethernet
Included Special Options 24-inch aluminum thrust plate
Ultra-high resolution option
Positioning laser
Vertical alignment tool
DAMS Software Studio Pro
3-year warranty on parts and labor
Full technical support
Analyzer Control Interface GPIB controller card (not included)
Platform Max Speed 120º per minute (vertical)
30 R.P.M. maximum azimuth
Positioner Mounting 30" aluminum or acrylic AUT thrust plate with 250-lb. payload capacity
Ultra-heavy-duty tripod
Environmental Conditions Operating temp: 0° C to 45° C (32° F to 104° F)
No condensation
Transport temp: -40° C to 60° C (-40° F to 140° F)
10% to 90% relative humidity
No condensation within 72 hours
Power Requirements +48 vDC (6.0A)
Positioner Dimensions 17 inches (30.5 cm) wide
12 inches (12.5 cm) deep
17 inches (35.6 cm) tall
Positioner Weight 120 pounds (54.5 kg)
Tripod Weight 35 pounds (15 kg)
Combined Weights 155 pounds (68.1 kg)

Tripod Specifications

Maximum Load Capacity 400 pound (181.8 kg)
Maximum Height 41 inches (104 cm)
Minimum Height 25 inches (64.5 cm)
Dismantled Dimensions 30.5 x 14.5 inches (77.4 x 36.8 cm)
Maximum Spread 55 inches (139.7 cm)
Leg Sections Two
Column Travel No travel
Foot Plate Diameter 6 inches (15 cm) (self-leveling)